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Magari – In Italian dictionary 'magari' as translates 'maybe'. However, it can be used as interjection to mean something like "I wish!". My question is, when it's used in a sentence like this:

Magari ci vediamo stasera

Is does this mean "maybe we'll see each other tonight" or does it mean "hopefully we'll see each other tonight"? Or is it somewhere between 'maybe' and 'hopefully'?

It means I wish when it is used as exclamation.

A: Vuoi che ti accompagni?
B: Magari!

It has that meaning in a sentence using the subjunctive mood too

This is the beginning of the Magari story..

Magari; Italian inspired Jewellery & fashion designs. Are you the women who would defy convention & break old trends to be successful?

#Dare-to-be-different; this is our believe. We wish to work together with women to get to the top. We will take the trouble and pay special attention to even minute details in everything we do, especially on our specially selected range of jewellery, accessories & handbag, made with finest materials according to latest trend & urban lifestyle for your beauty & elegance.

We are a brand that is Crafted for women and Craft women. We stand for beauty, attitude and character to keep women in the forefront in every stage of their life. #Dare-to-be-different; to stand-out, to be confident and we strive to make all your dreams a possibility.

We make sure you look elegant and beautiful. We understand what necklace and bracelet you can put on so you shine in the crowd. And the sunglass you wear cannot help but stopped every passer-by to admire you.  And the handbag you bring is the showcase for the occasion or the evening. With all these, we also make sure you able to live a smooth and elegant lifestyle; not just about putting food on the table.

Founded by a team of young vibrant entrepreneurs, a mix of programmer, fashionistas, eCommerce specialist, direct marketing specialist and other profession, all of them have one thing in common, Long love for jewellery and stones. Then One day, just decided to start Magari Jewellery & Fashion with whatever little money available, to assume beyond conventional business risk to pursue the love of his life on fashion jewellery. They all know very well they are assuming high business risk to starting Magari eCommerce, after thorough research, decided to fall back to our experiences & take the challenge to be the first company in Malaysia to go big on online jewellery fashion.

We had defy convention & developed a new way of fashion jewellery retailing designed to Disrupt the current jewellery & luxury products retailing; MCDC which stands for Multi Channel Distribution Concept. This concept is a hybrid; combining online retailing as the primary source of distribution channel and the element human personal touch thru networking & fashion shows. This will be the highway of building Magari from Zero to Hero.

Magari Strategic Cooperation model had led to the launch of Memory brand of Jewellery, one of the first innovator for online retailing for fashion range of jewellery. We have our very own carefully selected line of Magari fashion & sunglasses as well as leather bags range. All of whom are European inspired design and quality.

Magari; the brand Crafted for women and Craft women

Magari  - 在意大利语词典'magari'中翻译'maybe'。但是,它可以用作感叹词,意思是“我希望!”。
我们是一个为女性和手工艺女性精心打造的品牌。我们坚持美丽,态度和品格,让女性在生活的每个阶段都处于最前沿。 #敢于与众不同;突出,自信,我们努力让所有的梦想成为可能。


由一群年轻有活力的企业家,程序员,时尚达人,电子商务专家,直销专家和其他专业人士组成,所有这些都有一个共同点,就是对珠宝和宝石的热爱。然后有一天,刚刚决定以任何可用的小钱开始使用Magari Jewellery&Fashion,以超越传统的商业风险,追求他对时尚首饰的热爱。他们都非常清楚他们在开展Magari电子商务时承担了很高的商业风险,经过深入研究后,他们决定回到我们的经验并接受挑战,成为马来西亚第一家在网上珠宝时尚方面大有作为的公司。

我们违反了惯例,开发了一种新的时尚珠宝零售方式,旨在打破当前的珠宝和奢侈品零售业务; MCDC代表多渠道分销概念。这个概念是混合的;结合在线零售作为分销渠道的主要来源,通过网络和时装秀将人体个人接触元素结合起来。这将是从零到英雄建造Magari的高速公路。






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