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Natural Ocean Grass Agate 花草玛瑙
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Size (L x W x H) 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 6 cm
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Natural Ocean Grass Agate 花草玛瑙

Item Type:Stone

Applicable gender: Unisex

Inlay material: Natural Ocean grass agate
Condition: new

Size: approx. 2.0cm*1.5cm(L.W.)

Produced by: Indonesia

Natural Ocean Grass Agate 花草玛瑙




Ocean Grass Agate Effect

Ocean grass agate is a kind of agate, also known as "Tiansi agate". Some people can easily understand that ocean grass agate is a weed in agate, a kind of agate mixed with green or its color. Its interior landscape is chic, and the natural texture is like the floating grass in the lotus pond. It is graceful and winding.





The ocean grass agate is very versatile and can be used for ophthalmological disorders, and the curative effect of the ocean grass agate is very good.

Ocean grass agate can activate human internal organs, prevent constipation and help eliminate toxins

It can reduce the harm caused by climate and environmental pollution to the human body. The staff engaged in the agriculture and horticulture industry is especially suitable for wearing ocean grass agate.

In addition, wearing a water agate in the season of easy cold can prevent colds, colds and frostbites.



Since ancient times, some people called the ocean grass agate as the third eye of human beings, which can enhance their ability to see the spirit of the spiritual world, but this is only a legend, can not be verified, but as amulet to avoid evil things is a fact, can play the role of avoiding evil and protecting peace. .

Aquatic agate is more than just a fashion accessory, it is also a "effect" to improve luck. In the water agate, the beautiful landscape of the inner landscape is unique, and now it has become a treasure that many collectors are competing to collect. It can be seen that its value is very high. After all, its output is very small.

*Note:Due to manual measurement, there may be 0.1-0.5cm error,And the actual item’s color maybe slightly different from the picture shown due to the strength of lighting when the picture was shot,as well as the monitors.And we also try our best to return the original color of the products.

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