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Peony Phoenix Gold Quartz Pendant
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Peony Phoenix Gold Quartz Pendant

The crystal of the crystal refers to different types of ore needle-like inclusions. The rutile contains mostly gold, red or silver-white blonde crystals, and the golden ones are called titanium gold crystals or blonde crystals.

The crystal crystal of the blonde is extremely rare and precious in the crystal, meaning auspicious, all things are too peaceful, a symbol of taste and status. It is even rarer to pick out crystals with no impurities and gold gold wire in various quality blonde crystals.

Hair crystal is suitable for people who are not energetic, people who have no vitality, and even sleep can not feel full, and the spirit is not concentrated. It is quite necessary to make crystals to supplement the magnetic field energy; hair crystal strengthens personal belief, self-confidence and decisive power, enough to give courage to complete The impossible task, hair crystal is a symbol of power. For those who are timid, weak, and lack of self-confidence, they can make the strong energy of the crystal and make up for the shortcomings.





*Note:Due to manual measurement, there may be 0.1-0.5cm error,And the actual item’s color maybe slightly different from the picture shown due to the strength of lighting when the picture was shot,as well as the monitors.And we also try our best to return the original color of the products.

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